Multiplataforma Solon


ANVISA Nº 80520090012

Made in Brazil with
the best technology
in the world.

Total efficiency in all layers of the skin.

The Solon Total Lift is the most efficient, versatile, innovative and complete treatment nowadays.
A unique resource, a milestone. A comprehensive and smart treatment that, at once, treats the multiple layers of the skin, not just the surface.
Thus, it is possible to notice an improvement in fine wrinkles through the fractional treatment of most superficial layers, in deeper wrinkles through the intense stimulation of the collagen at the mean and deep dermis, and also lifts the face through muscle contraction.
As a result, a global, real and visible improvement of skin is noticed. Such results are long lasting and early achieved.


• Treatment in a single session;
• Painless;
• Immediate and long-term actions;
• All layers of the skin are reached;
• The safest in the segment.

Clinical Indications

• Face and neck sagging;
• Aging;
• Wrinkles;
• Laugh lines;
• Depressed mouth;
• CAcne scars;
• Global improvement of the aspect of the skin.

Fractional Erbium Laser


The Solon multiplatform brings the Fractional Erbium Laser to you with a special system of energy delivery. This is a new generation of ablative lasers with resources never seen before. The spot depth of 120 microns (deeper penetration) features a technology that enables the laser beams to penetrate the skin promoting intense collagen remodeling and resulting in the improvement of wrinkles. In addition, it whitens the skin and helps the closing of pores.

Eletroderme - Microneedle radio frequency


Microneedle radio frequency (Eletroderme): this resource uses gold plated sterile needles for the total safety of the patients. It was developed for the treatment and volumizing effect of the mean dermis, where it produces tiny points of coagulation and thermal effect with no interaction with the epidermis. Thus, the needles pass through the surface of the skin with no thermal effect, only emitting electrons when allocated at the ideal point of action.

In addition, it features a powerful electromagnetic system which makes the needles impulsion super-fast, providing painless procedures. The power delivery is performed exactly at the exact targeted point.
Safe even for dark or tanned skin patients.

Megafocus -Micro-focused ultrasound for the deep dermis

(Deep dermis)

The dermis is a thick layer of the skin responsible, among other things, for supporting structures of the skin and also for the basal tonus. Thus, for the efficient contraction and lifting effect, broad treatment is required, reaching not only the most superficial layers but also the deepest ones. In this sense, the Megafocus resource of the Solon platform acts intensely in the deep dermis, promoting deep collagen stimulation and lifting effect. Only a global treatment of the dermis can generate the expected outcomes.

Megafocus - Ultrasound focused on the muscle


The face features several structural elements that, over the years, become heavy and end up changing the facial silhouette. Thus, there is a repositioning of facial fat and muscles resulting in a face with a less young aspect. Popularly, it is said that the face has “collapsed”.
If the goal is a non-surgical face lifting, the treatment of the muscle becomes essential. No other facial support structure offers more traction power than the muscles.
Aiming at lifting the face and reversing the effects of gravity and time, the micro-focused (Megafocus)ultrasound was developed, targeted to the most superficial part of the muscles (the SMAS).
The device promotes points of coagulation and shortening of muscle fibers simply and painlessly. Those are immediate and long lasting effects.

Intraoral Erbium Laser


The facial muscles are immediately adhered to the inner mucosa of the mouth. In an innovative way, the Erbium Laser, with a special energy delivery system, is applied to the mucosa directly reaching the adjacent muscle group. This promotes a thermal shock in the muscle generating the shortening of the muscle fibers.
The tightening effect is intense.
The treatments are painless and with no discomfort.
Together with the action of the micro-focused ultrasound, it features a maximum and incomparable contraction result.


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Av. Desembargador Paulo Passaláqua, 56 - Pacaembu
CEP: 01248-010 - São Paulo/SP
Tels.: +55 (11) 2361-8923 / +55 (11) 2361-8957


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